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Spring Style has Sprung!

Spring Style has Sprung!

Posted by Liah Escobedo on Mar 25th 2024

Happy spring! After a long winter of rain where I'm from in California, I am so happy to finally be able to wear warm-weather outfits and spring colors. I find it much easier to find outfits for the warm weather than for the cold, so I headed to my nearest Plato’s Closet to put together some outfits for future picnics, flower fields and coffee dates!

My favorite color is green, and all the green that popped up after the rainy winter made me want to match its beauty. I found this beautiful short-sleeved green top with a contrasting dark green lined neck and sleeve. The top matches perfectly with this forest green leather skirt. The combination of the 3 colors made me feel like I was mother nature herself, which was especially perfect for catching up with a friend over matcha lattes!

Continuing with the natural vibe, I found this beautiful patterned ruffle top immediately when I walked into my local Plato’s Closet! I knew I had to buy it, since it’s a piece that is simple but really makes a beautiful top for any occasion, from picnics to even a beach trip with some shorts! I paired it with my favorite pair of ripped jeans. A big benefit of this top is that it is super comfortable while also being very flattering!

Of course, the best spring staple, in my opinion, is a spring dress! My local store had a great collection with a variety of spring dresses in different styles and lengths. There were some vibrant colors that were perfect for going out, but what called me the most was this dress with designs of different flowers. It made me feel like I was a fairy. I am so excited for it to be my spring uniform!

For whatever spring plans you have, the spring items at Plato’s Closet are perfect for curating a beautiful and affordable outfit for any occasion. You never know what gems you’ll find. Catch me always outdoors wearing this beautiful dress as long as the sun is shining!

Blog by: Liah Escobedo | @liahescobedo