Gender-Neutral Fashion Ideas

Gender-Neutral Fashion Ideas

Posted by Serena Javens on Jun 24th 2022

In honor of pride month, I wanted to share some affordable gender-neutral clothing options and different outfit ideas you can recreate! Gender-neutral clothing has continued to become more popular over the years. More so often, we see this trend with celebrities. This month I went through my closet and rummaged for some affordable, genderless clothing and played around with some styles that anyone can wear!

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I am loving the idea of gender-neutral clothing because they are so comfortable, make great basics and can be worn in so many different ways! One of my favorite sweatshirts in my closet is from the men’s department, which I love to shop in for more cozy, oversized pieces. Although it was intended to be a men's sweatshirt, I love how versatile it is, and the fact that it's my favorite color — pink! It's so soft and makes a great gender-neutral clothing option with an oversized, boxy, fit. For this look, I styled it with my favorite pair of denim shorts and added a basic white collar shirt underneath to accessorize. I also think it would look great if you styled the sweatshirt and button-up with any pair of pants or shorts that you're comfortable wearing.

gender neutral clothing brands.JPG

gender neutral fashion brands.JPG

Another timeless, gender-neutral option is flannel. The flannel I'm wearing above is one of my favorites because it's black and white which are very neutral colors that can be worn with anything! For this look, I styled a black and white flannel with a simple black tank top and then plain jean shorts. Everything about this screams neutral, just change out the bottom's length depending on the weather or activity!

I absolutely love seeing retailers add gender-neutral clothing sections to their websites and stores that cater to all body types, sizes and gender. I personally just love the comfort level too because I know it's something that was made for anyone to wear!

Blog By: Serena Javens | @serenaajoyce