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Embracing Earth Day with Simple Sustainability

Embracing Earth Day with Simple Sustainability

Posted by Liah Escobedo on Apr 19th 2024

Earth Day is coming up in a few days! It’s such a special day because it’s a time when we celebrate our planet and everything the Earth provides us. It’s an important time to also gain awareness of some easy things you can do to help preserve the Earth’s beauty. In this blog post, I will share a few of my favorite sustainable practices I’ve incorporated into my life.

I love thrifting, so I try to keep my closet stocked with secondhand pieces from Plato’s Closet rather than buying fast fashion firsthand. I always feel the most confident and comfortable wearing clothes that are sustainably sourced. Plus, you can save more when purchasing gently used items instead buying brand new! 

I also prefer to take public transportation as a way to help reduce carbon emissions. Where I live, public transportation is reliable and it allows me to get where I need to be while also saving transportation costs. Especially, when I utilize my student discount!

Another way I practice sustainability is through the food and drinks I consume. One of my favorite tips for reducing waste is using reusable bottles and cups for your drinks. I have a reusable water bottle that I use every day and a lot of reusable coffee cups for my morning coffee. In the long run, you save money and are limiting the amount of plastic that is purchased. It’s also fun to find cute, reusable cups.

Lastly, I like to shop locally and try fresh goodies at local farmers markets. I love a good weekend outing to a farmers market with friends. It’s a center of good vibes and good food, and you get to give back and support your local community.

I hope these tips are helpful as you look for ways to be live more sustainably this spring. Be sure to stop by your local Plato’s Closet to support a sustainable and local business this Earth Day!

Blog by: Liah Escobedo | @liahescobedo