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    Sell Any Time We're Open!

    You can always bring in your clothes, shoes & accessories to us! No limits on how much you can bring in, as long as it's all in some sort of container!

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    We're Hiring!

    Want a job that combines fashion, sustainability, growth opportunities & amazing coworkers? Click our "Jobs" tab to learn more and apply today!

    Apply Now!
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    Shop With Us Wherever You Go!

    Did you know we own 7 stores? We'd love to see you in all our locations! Shop with us at all the above locations to get the best deals on your favorite styles no matter where you are.

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    One Trip To Plato's Is All It Takes!

    When you sell to us, we might not be able to take some of your items, but no worries! You can leave any of your items to be donated to Simple Recycling, just tell a team member.

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    A Gift For Any Event!

    An excellent choice for birthdays, graduations, or any celebration! They're rechargeable so add a few dollars every time you shop or sell to us and save up for a fashion emergency!

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