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Fun Fall Looks

The temptation of buying yourself a brand-new wardrobe at the start of each season is strong, I know from experience. Especially with advertisements telling you to buy the newest trend of the season. Many of us may be facing this exact problem as we start the transition from summer to fall fashion. Luckily, there's plenty of ways to avoid unnecessary spending this season by using summer items and a few staple pieces to create fun fall looks. Follow some of these tips and you'll feel like you have a new fall wardrobe without the cost!

Outfit 1:

Midi skirts were one of the biggest trends of the summer season and one of my personal favorites. Because I have a slight obsession, I accumulated multiple midi skirts and I plan to carry them into my fall wardrobe. One super simple way to style your midi skirts for colder weather is to throw on an oversized sweater to juxtapose the dainty and feminine nature of the skirt. Then pair with your favorite sneakers or some booties!

Outfit 2:

Another staple item you may already have is a simple black maxi dress; you don't have to leave this classic item behind this fall season! Throwing on a cropped cardigan is the perfect addition to make this item fall-friendly. I got this white cardigan from Plato's Closet and it's such a versatile piece that everyone should have! Next, I opted for a pair of black mules to keep the look more sophisticated, but chunky sneakers would look great as well!

Outfit 3:

This next outfit was inspired by my favorite fashion YouTuber, Ashley (aka bestdressed). Similar to maxi dresses, you don't have to part ways with your mini dresses either! Simply layer them over some long sleeve shirts and it transforms into the perfect fall look! The other key component to this outfit is the gold-layered necklaces. Gold jewelry is an easy way to spice up any fall outfit. Lastly, to keep the look casual, I finished it off with some white sneakers.

Outfit 4:

If you have some patterned miniskirts and graphic tees from this summer, with some simple styling, you can have great fall outfits too! To start, Chelsea boots are one staple item that can make these two simple items into the perfect fall look! I also added a cropped denim jacket to make this look even more fall-friendly.

Outfit 5:

Yes, I know the age-old adage of not wearing white after Labor Day. However, since I'm from the west coast, and I don't follow this rule! Instead, I'm going to give you a fall outfit idea using white jeans (or shorts)! Simply style them with your dainty summer tanks, throw on a denim jacket, and Chelsea boots! Neither of these staple summer items have to be left behind this season!

I hope you got some inspiration from these outfits and apply some of these tips to your own wardrobe. Just remember, you don't have to buy a new wardrobe every season to stay fashionable and feel fresh! Just get a little creative with your summer pieces and you'll have plenty of new outfits at half the cost!

Blog By: Ember Sierra | essentiallyember