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Cozy Winter Styles

There’s three styles this winter that have definitely caught my eye! Though there are so many trends emerging this winter, I fell in love with tonal outfits, androgyny, and a statement coat. With each of these three, it's really so easy to put your own twist to it to emphasize your style within these cozy trends.

Outfit 1:


It’s so easy to transform an outfit by adding a statement coat. With this outfit, I opted to go comfy and all black, and by pairing a statement coat with it I was able to make it pop! This trend can really transform an effortless and easy outfit, especially when you’re on the go. Also, to add more of a pop, you can opt to wear pants with bold lettering or designs such as the ones I’m wearing.

Outfit 2:


Blush pink is really my favorite color right now and with the tonal look trend, of course, this was easy for me to do. Gone are the days of being afraid to be too matchy. For this trend, you can wear your ultimate favorite color with pride! Because the coat is also a statement coat, I decided to wear a bodysuit underneath and pair these with slip ok sneakers; I didn’t want it to feel too dressed up, so this is a perfect example of mixing casual with preppy.

Outfit 3:


I’ve expressed this too many times and I will continue to do so but I love jeans!!! And what better jean is there than a classic, vintage mom jean. Mom jeans are all about opting out of a trendy skinny leg and going with a straight leg. This outfit is less focused on emphasizing your figure and is really more about capitalizing on the characteristics of the actual outfit. This is also a very easy look to pull together.

Blog By: Breanna Moore | @hellohipretty