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3 Classic Coats with Winter Accessories

If there’s one thing I love about the winter, it’s the effortless ways you can accessorize an outfit. Your accessories double as necessary components for surviving the cold (okay, I might be a tad dramatic) and cute ways to give your outfit a little more something-something.

In this post, I’ll show you accessories that are great for the winter, along with different styles of coats they go great with. The three outfits are all different styles but achievable and affordable, given that basic staple pieces are used.

Outfit 1:


Aaahhhh the notorious teddy coat! This coat is on fire this season and it keeps you exceptionally warm. I receive so many compliments on this coat! Because of how eye-catching this coat is, I decided to keep the actual outfit basic, with a black ribbed crop top and mom jeans. For the accessory, you can see I added a dark orange backpack and I love the color because it adds a pop of color. Backpacks are great in the winter so your hands don’t freeze holding a bag; slip it on and go about your day attempting to stay warm!

Outfit 2:

What is a winter coat collection without the staple piece of the leather jacket? Having a leather jacket is timeless and so many people find it necessary to keep in their collection as the cold months roll in. Paired with the jacket is probably one of the most popular winter accessories, an off-white and black scarf. Outfits like this are super easy to recreate because you can substitute any piece and just stick to one color scheme as I did.

Outfit 3:


For the last outfit, I decided to keep the black/grey color scheme, which allowed me to pair it effortlessly with a blush pink oversized jacket. I love that this outfit has a mixture of both feminine and masculine vibes. I paired this distressed-hem skirt with an oversized men’s crew neck and an oversized jacket. This allows you to stay cute and comfortable and that feeling is hard to beat! Now if you’re like me and still want to brave a skirt in the colder months, you can accessorize with stockings under the skirt. I opted for basic black see-through ones, but there's many out there to fit your style.

Blog By: Breanna Moore | @hellohipretty